Jean F. ROLLAND was a French painter from the second half of the 20th Century.  His watercolors capture a sense of life in the landscapes that surrounded him.

A self-taught artist, Jean F. ROLLAND lived in France and the United States, where he was touched by both his literary and artistic encounters.  As an insatiable observer of the world around him, he was able to make the poetic Mediterranean light vibrate in his colorful representations of reality. In his oils and watercolors, as well as in his ink-drawings and ceramics, his method was direct and clear.

He did not seek to identify the forms he described; but rather to share an impression or simply capture a moment in time.  He did not hesitate in taking liberties with the rules of representation in translating the spontaneous emotion he felt when in front of nature.

From the 1950s onwards, he explored the world and was inspired by his numerous trips to Asia (China, Vietnam, Laos, Japan and Taiwan) and in Mexico.  However, he always returned to ‘his’ Provence.