Jean F. ROLLAND | Impressions de Provence

From July to September 2020, Galerie Grande presents a selection of watercolors by French artist Jean F. ROLLAND (1921-2010). The exhibition invites to a journey through Provence, from the sea to the hinterland.

A countryside that remains wild, a quiet French Riviera seaside at Port Cros, the shadows on the scorching walls of the Provençal village of Tourtour, the painter conveys the emotion felt in front of the landscapes around him. Whether it is a scene of pastoral celebration, a hundred-year-old elm watching over a fountain, stone pines that ripple in the sweetness of the sunset, the chosen themes take us into an authentic and soothing Provence. The warmth of the sun permeates the walls of the villages, the smells carried by the Mistral wind rustle in the vineyards. If the atmosphere is peaceful, the painter’s gesture is sure and assertive, as an absolute invitation to admire the beauty of nature.

With Jean F. ROLLAND, the paper is never completely covered. The artist plays with transparency and overlays to capture fleeting impressions. “White vibrates,” he liked to say. The emptiness of the sheet is purposely used to lead us into the poetry of a luminous representation.